Shawn Julian


"Oof" is a multi-instrumentalist that spent most of his childhood as a band geek in the Portland/Vancouver area before moving to Seattle in 1995. After settling in he joined a roots reggae band (Sister Speak later known as Black Diamond) playing bass then switching to lead guitar a few years later. As a percussionist he wanted to get into the metal scene around 2001, so he put an ad out in The Rocket (RIP). That's when he became the drummer for the thrash outfit UncleAngst. When UA broke-up Oof switched back to bass/vocals and helped form Pure Hatred in 2003. He was then asked to join a newly forming band From The Fall which had a small bit success in the local Seattle area. After the demise of From the Fall he decided to step back from playing music to focus on recording and engineering. After several years of semi-retirement he felt the itch to play again, thus Testing Trinity was born! 

Some of his influences include: Aston Barrett (Bob Marley), Cliff Burton (Metallica), Les Claypool (Primus), Frank Bello (Anthrax), James Jamerson (Motown) etc.  Oofus also likes having his mind stimulated and shit.

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